From Trauma to Triumph

Imani’s Safehouse Inc.’s anti-racist and abolitionist programs examine and challenge unequal power structures in the service of women and girls in our community who are impacted by intersectionality. “Nothing for us without us,” as we journey from generational trauma to generational triumph.


Actions Against Gender Violence

Working with our partner Prison Writes to understand factors contributing to the underreporting of violence against women in NYC in order to provide safety and support for the survivors.

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Community Connects

Helping individuals inside Bedford Hills, Taconic, and Albion correctional facilities connect with the community.

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No Limit Empowerment

Supporting non-males, women, and girls impacted by intersectionality on their personal journey to financial independence.

Meetings held at the Central Library in Brooklyn, NYC on Thursday evenings between 6:00 – 7:30PM (from June 2, 2022 to August 25, 2022).

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Volunteer with us

We believe in the strength of community to build strong support networks and to fight inequities in our local community.

Whether you’re a social media consultant, software engineer, grant writer, or a neighbor who can lend a helping hand, we value your time and talents to promote antiracism and providing a safe place for those in need.

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Community Connects

Over the next two years, Imani’s Safehouse will have developed a system for a sustainable income with the capacity to employ other impacted girls and women in the community thus contributing to the economic stability of the impacted employees.

Our goal is to be a help on the various levels that our individual members need by providing valuable care, personal growth opportunities, and housing.

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Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place – New York City is my community and my home. Since becoming involved with Imani’s Safehouse, I have witnessed members of the community come together for a common cause when larger powers like government agencies and medical facilities fail us. More than ever, investing your time and energy in your community matters. Volunteer work has reverberating effects on society, volunteer work is how you bring about change.

Teressa Son

Imani’s not with us anymore because she wasn’t listened to and that’s something happens everyday, that’s happening right now within the system whether it be people not being heard for their safety or not being heard at a facility that’s supposed to care for them. We know that the system does not work. Imani represents how broken the system is and how much it needs to change – we need something new. And that’s what Jennifer and we are fighting for.

Kerbie Joseph
Community Organizer